Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hacks for around the ranch and/or barn

Hug your horse often.  You'll never regret it......

Redneck tricks.  Pass me a PBR

  • Ants don't like Cinnamon.
  • After slamming my finger in the nastiest of ways with a hammer, I realized that a clothespin works better.  True story bro 
  • Going to the lake?  Don't want to lose your shades?  Tape a little bit of Styrofoam to each ear piece.  BAM.  Crisis averted.

  • Squeaky hardwood floors?  Put a small amount of baby powder on the problem area and sweep into the cracks.  BAM.  Problem solved.  For a little bit at least :P
  • Enlarged screw holes can be quickly repaired by filling the hole with a wooden golf tee. Use a hacksaw to saw the tee flush with the wood's surface, then sand and finish. 

  •  Nasty splinter you can't get out?  Cut a grape in half and tape it (seed side down) to your finger.  Now get your ass to bed, and be amazed at the nothingness it is the next morning when you get up at the crack of noon. 
  • Spiders hate peppermint.  If you find a spider infestation however, you may wanna burn the whole place to the ground.  Just to be sure.  Because let's be real here.   Fuck spiders.
  • Ants hate Cinnamon. From my experience this only works with the black ants. 
Simple saddle rack design

A cheap way to create your own semi-auto sprayer :D

A great way to safely save your rainwater. 

A great way to recycle old hay string!  Works really well, too :D

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Easter Crafts and DIY projects!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Past projects :)

Here are some of the many projects i've done over the years. 
 Some of them are available for sale :)  Email me if
 you're interested in any of the below items.

Cusom-built doggy door

From Blonde to brunette :)

Refinished side table

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Heartbreak, defeat, and moving forward like a boss.

Lately i've found myself in a weird place in my life.  I recently broke up with my boyfriend, which, although he knew it was coming, did not take well.  That was a whole ball of drama I did not want or need.  Men say women are nutso all the time....i think sometimes they need to look in the mirror. 

And if any gentlemen read this....please take this little bit of advice.  When a girl is leaving, or you are in a fight with her--don't make it a point to attack her flaws.  Especially ones beyond her control.  Yes, I have anxiety problems.  Lots of them.  But that doesn't give anyone the right to crucify me for it either.  It is a battle i've fought since I was a kid.  For the first time in my life, i'm winning that battle.  To pick me apart for it is tacky and gross.  It breeds resentment.  Don't do it fellas. 

After my ex and I split, I took off to my hometown of San Diego for a few days to decompress.  I'm still unsure if it was a good or bad idea.  I had a blast don't get me wrong.  I love seeing my family, and this trip was no exception.  However, this trip was different.  During the course of about 48 hours, i discovered most of my childhood was a lie.  At the very least, anything my mother told me of her past was a lie.  My past too for the matter.  It was a harsh and eye opening experience. But it also made me realize....you are not in fact a product of your environment.  But only if you choose not to be.  

Here are a few pics from my San Diego adventure:

So after all was said and done, I was a mess. I was in a weird transitional part in my life, and I wasn't sure how to handle it.  Then I realized, I didn't HAVE to handle it!  I just had to move forward.  So i put on my big girl panties, gave life the finger, and pushed forward.  Since, I have cut contact with the crazy ex, and kept my mother at arms length.  I have to be a strong woman, not because I have to, but because I should.  I should be a strong woman who doesn't let little things get to her.  Even if i'm not, I need to put on a good front.  I have a little girl. she will one day look back at my life and I will be damned if she has the same experience that I did. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Crafts for the Kids!

Here are some Kid friendly arts & Crafts i've either done over the years or saw on the interwebs.  If you have any ideas to add, please feel free to leave a comment!


Put one of these in your child's lunchbox to brighten their day :)

Make sure to use flour so it can be easily removed after your next party!